Your experience

Here are a few of the things you can look forward to at this year’s conference:

  • Valuable and enduring connections to support network growth and enhance job-based collaboration;
  • Powerful content drawing from Detroit’s rich local context and philanthropic leaders across the nation;
  • Targeted skill-building to help hone individual and collective leadership;
  • Restorative spaces for learning and reflection;
  • Participant-driven discussions and workshops;
  • ...and so much more!


conference Themes


JPRO19 will feature four themes of great relevance and interest to professionals in the field and show that the most unexpected discoveries can happen when diverse topics, people, and ideas converge in one space. Tracks will anchor the first one and a half days of the conference and will offer deeper opportunities for networking, learning, and discovery for all participants. Each track will also feature:

  • Opportunities to learn from Jewish organizations that are playing a lead role in the area;

  • Jewish learning provided by scholars-in-residence;

  • Learning with local leaders from non-profits, businesses, civic, and academic institutions;

  • Focused opportunities for individuals at different stages of work (e.g. early career, mid-career, executive-level) as well as career development workshops that tie to the theme.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice

Explore strategies in building diverse workplaces where employees thrive from a sense of inclusion, positivity, and respect, and where the strength of collective differences creates teams that drive even greater community impact.

Design Partners:



Designing Workplaces for the Future

Tackle topics from career development, work-life balance, and co-working, to technology innovations that are reshaping the work environment within Jewish communal institutions.

Design Partners:

Leading Edge     Upstart


Building Resilient Communities

Explore how leaders have mobilized their communities during times of natural and manmade disaster to emerge stronger as they recover, rebuild, and restore dignity.

Design Partners:
Secure Community Network Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies


Civil Discourse in Complex Times

Explore how Jewish professionals and institutions can work across a set of issues to navigate this partisan climate and make choices about friends, allies and partners in contentious times.

Design Partners:
One America Movement Jewish Council on Public Affairs

Immersive experiences

Immersive Experiences will take place on the first day of the Conference and bring participants into spaces and places that will both challenge and inspire them as Jewish Professionals. The Immersive Experiences will take place across the city, and highlight promising practices, complex scenarios, and inspiring leaders. Please check back soon as we reveal more details about Immersive Experiences.


At JPRO19, you will have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and training to help propel your organization to the next level through skill-building workshops taught by peers and master classes taught by some of the foremost trainers in the social sector. These small and large group workshops and trainings are designed to help participants manage more effectively, strengthen their leadership skills, hone their fundraising chops, and adapt to and create change.